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By: Oren Florence
Mail-order sales are increasing in popularity, as many bamboo lovers find it hard to locate certain varieties in their hometown. The inner hollow in the bamboo stalks are also used to cook rice and boil soup. Bamboo plays an important role in the Chinese medicine system as well as in Ayurveda. Its roots are used to treat kidney problems and bamboo secretions are considered helpful in alleviating symptoms of asthma. It's durability and strength makes bamboo an excellent choice for building material.

A strong wind today filled the air with music as breezes blew through a mature stand of Giant Timber Clumping Bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii) at the original sight of Beautiful Bamboo nursery. For the next several months, canes cut from the groves at Beautiful Bamboo will supplement the diet of Asian elephants in the circus. We have 5 bamboo groves on the property and have been able to selectively harvest enough to use as the siding on the native pump house. We are using recycled materials such as broken tiles and bamboo scraps for towel rods and cupboard handles, which the carpenters used to burn!

If you want to see some different styles of fences or you are looking for a place to buy a bamboo fence you can go to There you will find a large selection of bamboo products and bamboo building products that will add some really unique elements to your home and property. Whether you need a few sections for a bamboo fence or several hundred bamboo poles, Sunset Bamboo can fill your order. As we all know Bamboo grows very fast and that is why it is highly renewable material.

Vietnamese culture is regarded as bamboo culture, an old saying going 'when bamboo is old, the new bamboo sprouts appear' symbolising the regeneration of a culture. The cable being used was made from split bamboo or by twisting whole clumps of pliable bamboo together. The walls are made of split and woven bamboo and the slats and poles of bamboo are used as the support. Bamboo stalks are decorated and used as poles.These are used to surround the stairs of shrines and temples to warn of evil. I didn't know of the different types of bamboo and certainly had never heard of black bamboo until now. I'm fond of bamboo and have a bit of it in my own garden here in Ireland, of all places.

This is hard work as the pigs range in weight from 40lbs to over a hundred depending on the size and the bamboo poles are hand turned the entire time, if the guys stop turning the pig the hot coals will burn the skin. Then make another big lump/knot of rubber bands on the other side of the handle to hold it in place and keep it from slipping off the bamboo.

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