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By: Desmond Moir
Below are several photos of Arrow running bamboo (Pseudosasa japonica) in 3-gal and 7-gal containers. Unfortunately when ever you mention bamboo flooring people automatically think of the canes or round poles that you see Panda's in the zoo chewing on. They think that it will be uncomfortable to walk on. Yet if the truth be told the bamboo flooring that is available today is as flat as any other kind of laminate or hardwood flooring that you can purchase.

Tinikling dance, also known as bamboo dance, is popular not just in the Philippines but elsewhere in other parts of the world. I already started the bamboo dance using my Slip On Dancers since I have this problem in my knee. Tried participating on a bamboo dance once and I was quite amused as the bamboo snapped my clumsy footwork. I liked all the dances you showed, but the Tamil one is the most ornate, and the Filipino bamboo dance the most joyful. Om, the bamboo dance is very popular and I thought it is only in the Philippines and Eastern part of Malaysia, didn't know you have it in Thailand too!

Later Swedish steel and Aluminum poles became more fashionable but serious vaulters continued to search for poles with more flexibility. In the late 1950s, the sport saw the first flexible vaulting poles manufactured with fiberglass and/or carbon fiber. This is one of the major advantages of the fiberglass poles over their bamboo and metal predecessor's.

The next day he pulled all the rocks and stones together around in a circle and on his way to collect bamboo for the walls he just had to stop and eat some more of the melons that were bursting open they were so ripe. All summer, as he was rushing around from place to place, he had been collecting bamboo and wood. Bamboo skewers and toothpick umbrellas can also be used in your party fare display.

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